Godshaven Trout & Eco Estate is located in Scotston Valley, Underberg, Kwa-Sani. The estate is only a stone’s throw from the Underberg CBD, offering residents convenience for shopping, access to medical services and many local sports and recreational activities.

The total estate is 29 hectares in extent and occupies it’s own private valley overlooking parts of the lower Drakensberg and sections of the Umzimkulu River, including Scotston Bridge, a feature of the famous Drak Challenge.

As developers we have incorporated a Natal veranda style architectural vernacular into the design guidelines and maintained sufficiently large plot sizes to ensure the country lifestyle aspect of the estate is not compromised.

Our home designs were created by renowned Durban Architect Richard Horner and the as built homes can be viewed on our gallery or physically on site to be appreciated.

Godshaven is ideal for residents wishing to retire in the country in a safe and secure environment but will also suit groups of people wishing to jointly own a holiday home and share the Underberg experience.

Located on a cul de sac adjacent to a dairy farm it is the last residential development site within the Kwa Sani Municipal boundary on the town side of the Umzimkulu River on D259. Everything across the Scotston Bridge is zoned agricultural so there can be no further development, ensuring a continuation of the peaceful and pastoral setting of the property.

For more information about the estate please contact Tom van Herzeele 084 792 4894 who will provide you with all information required about plot sizes and availability, design guidelines, body corporate rules and levies. Thank you.

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