Foreign investors flock to SA shores

Rob Davies

South Africa has become an investment destination of choice to the world’s biggest companies not by mere chance. We have consistently remained on the radar of international big business due to deliberate action on the part of government that can be traced to interventions such as the New Growth Path and the Industrial Policy Action Plan.

Recently, the single biggest investment in the local automotive sector was made by German car maker BMW to produce the new generation BMW X3. The company will invest R6 billion in its Rosslyn plant in the north of Pretoria to manufacture the vehicles for the South African and export market.

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Walkers Killer

fly for fishing

Red Fly

No, this is not a Walker’s Killer but it looks nice! Our WK is not the brash attractor, in fact the real WK is a far demurer fellow, easily passed up for many of his more glamorous colleagues most of which catch more anglers than fish. However, unpretentious as he may be, the Walker’s Killer is exactly that, a cleaver deceiver ideal for wet fly fishing on Natal’s Dams and rivers and proven over many years as one of the outstanding and essential fly box inmates. Properly made with the full dressing (very few commercial patterns are) the WK is unquestionably a fly box essential.